Invites YOU to attend our


SATURDAY, DECEMBER 14, 2019 – 12 Noon

At the

Oxford Presbyterian Church (lift chair for handicapped)

8501 Stenton Avenue (Stenton & Gowen)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19150

Reverend Ethelyn Taylor, Pastor

Mary Daniels, Executive Director

      Tickets - $20.00


Honoring Victorina Peralta – the brilliant and gracious lady who taught, cared for and organized us.


NOTE: You may support our luncheon by placing an ad, purchasing a ticket for a senior, becoming a Patron ($1.00+) or donating a gift to be used for door prizes Thanks, Mary Daniels, 215-248-9438





                                   ADVOCATING  FOR OUR CLIENTS                   


TESTIMONY:  Client had been bedridden for 3 years; only been out of the house 3 days in that time.  She was admitted to hospital and then Rehab in latter prt of 2018 and discharged Jan. 2019.   There were no services scheduled for her, although she was unable to even sit up. I referred her to Philadelphia Corporation for Aging; they did an assessment and arranged for in-home services.  She explained she had hospital/doctor bills that were close to $8,000.  Although she had Medicare, she had no plan to pay for services NOT covered by Medicare.  Arrangements were made to have a health insurance broker to visit her home.  She was reluctant and afraid that she'd incur a huge monthly premium, especially since she has several pre-existing medical issues.  She was shocked to receive a plan that had a ZERO premium...including rides to doctors visits, and affordable co-pays.  However, the client felt overwhelmed by the huge bills; no way she could pay them.  I spent time sorting the bills, discarding duplicates and documenting dates, doctors, procedures, etc.    Several calls were made to the nursing home's corporate office and finally I found someone who took time to HEAR the case.  That person agreed to cut the bill in HALF - allowing her to make payment arrangements.  She and I both felt the lifting of a heavy weight.   P.S.  Something I forgot to tell you.  This lady was contemplatng SUICIDE  the very day I called to offer service. 


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Grandparents paid to care for their grands    Cheryl Clark-Wood

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ART REACH – Admission to 45 sites (museums, gardens, historical sites, etc)  for just $2.00 with your ACCESS card.  Admits the cardholder and 3 other people


INTERNET SERVICE  - $9.95/month  and Free Internet Training.  May qualify is you are 62 and receive State or Federal Assistance.


SNAP (food stamps)  -  Increase in monthly eligibility  $1,980 – single; $2,670 – couple.  2 page application – benefits for “3 years”     Hunger Coalition Hotline to apply




"Cast me not off in time of old age"  Psalm 71:9

The first and foremost goal of our non-profit organization is to make a difference in as many people's lives as possible. We strive to improve the living conditions for those who need the help, who can't do it themselves. Have you ever thought about how much you could change things just by volunteering or making a financial contribution?   


The video below offers a gist of the agencies listed in the Menu on the left.   You may have to turn up your volume or connect a speaker to your computer. 

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The Philadelphia Senate on Aging has served the elderly for over three decades. Our members have proudly counseled their peers regarding Medicare and Medicaid issues, saving them thousands in medical expenses. We've assisted clients in a myriad of ways: averting evictions, utility shut-offs, housing adaptations, mortgage assistance, rent/real estate debates, PACE prescriptions, etc. We all are volunteers 


We've been working with several clients:  one needed a stairglide for a family member and some other services - DONE;  another was paying $200 co-pay for meds – we were  able to get it for her AND have applied to get her meds for FREE  via the manufactuer’s prescription Assistance Program.   A couple was paying over $500/month for Medicare Health supplement.  We referred them for counseling and they are paying “0” premium per month.  We hosted the “Medicare 101” workshop, conducted  by the Director of Apprise, Mayor’s Commission On Services to the Aging, and were pleased that several people applied for the Apprise Training: one person completed the training and is now  equip to counsel seniors regarding medicare and Medicaid.   Our MAIN goal is to have trained counselors available in their local church or community . 





You may contribute to our organization at PAYPAL.COM Recipient:   You do not need an account to use Paypal, your credit card will be accepted at Paypal's website. 



Want to know more about us and our projects? Use our website to read about the work we have done so far and our plans for the future. Do you like what we do and want to know what you can do to help?    Use our CONTACT  form.  We welcome questions, comments and suggestions.