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Cast me not off in time of old age"  Psalm 71:9

The first and foremost goal of our non-profit organization is to make a difference in as many people's lives as possible. We strive to improve the living conditions for those who need  help, who can't do it themselves. 



The Philadelphia Senate on Aging has served the elderly for over three decades. Our members have proudly counseled their peers regarding Medicare and Medicaid issues, saving them thousands in medical expenses. We've assisted clients in a myriad of ways: averting evictions, utility shut-offs, housing adaptations, mortgage assistance, rent/real estate debates, PACE prescriptions, etc. We all are volunteers 


TESTIMONIES:  We either gave direct assistance or referred them to the proper agencies or companies. 


1)  Young senior, threatened by landlord to be evicted.  By the law, during this COVID 19 - this would be illegal.  However, she was afraid and for her physical and emotional well being, wanted to leave.  We'd arranged to have past due monies paid to the landlord but he was adamant - "I want her out".  Financial assistance was provided by our organization as well as individuals.   Storage and moving expenses were paid and she is in a safe and loving environment. 


2)  Woman paying  $200 co-pay for meds – contacted a local agency that paid for a month's supply. in the interim we applied to a Pharmaceutic company which supplied her meds for free. 


3)  A couple was paying over $500/month for Medicare Health supplement.  We referred them for counseling and they are paying “0” premium per month.


4)  80 year old quadraplegic lady living alone, had no professional services - referred to PCA, she was assessed - as a result  nursing and other home care services are being provided. 


5)  81 year old gentlemen, who's income is $800/mo  received noticed that he would be charged for Medicare Part B - about $140/mo and home food delivery would be discontinued.  He was desparate saying "I can't afford that" - We immediately contacted local and state "welfare" offices - the decisions were reversed.


6)  Couple in their 80's lost their home, both suffering chronic illness:  He's in the hospital she was in a hotel - afraid of shelters.  She didn't want to move out of her neighborhood. I'd heard of a church breaking ground for a new apartment building opening near her and she'd visited that church many times when she was well, but was not informed.  She said, "I know the pastor and wife very well"    I connected her with the pastor and she is now safe and happy. 


7)  80+ female needed a stairglide and various services to keep her independent - DONE. 


8)  Couple needed work on SIDEWALK (about $5,000)  - were referred to Ralston My Ways - who's worker plus a friend (ceritified plumber) saved them close to $4,000   9)   82 yr  old lady, bed-ridden for close to 3 years, was lonely and contemplated suicide.  She's lost 2 sons during her lifetime and just has a newly-wed daughter who drops  by frequently.  However, she needed long term care by professionals and home health aides. Had over $10,000 in hospital bills and a poor Medical Insurance Plan.  After a counselling session with a colleague, she has excellent coverage and "0" (Zero) monthly payments. I made contact with the hospital's billing department and the $10k bill was FORGIVEN



We hosted the “Medicare 101” workshop, conducted  by the Director of Apprise, Mayor’s Commission On Services to the Aging, and were pleased that several people applied for the Apprise Training: one person completed the training and is now  equip to counsel seniors regarding medicare and Medicaid.   Our MAIN goal is to have trained counselors available in their local church or community . 




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