MISSION:   To continue our Main goal - to enhance the quality of life by informing seniors of  their rights and benefits.   This is a precarious time with the Affordable Care Act being under fire, there's lots of  fear and confusion throughout the country. Our organization will continue to inform   community-based groups (starting with approx 1,000  churches) of  trainings sessions - conducted by the APPRISE program of the Mayor's Commission on Services to the Aging -   that will  equip it's  representative to counsel  his/her  peers regarding the afforementioned.     


We will also be preparing seniors for the Medicare Open Entrollment period beginning in the Fall  


Lots of  changes are planned within the next 18 months, we will keep representatives abreast ASAP as well as publish them on this website.   


                 ABOUT  APPRISE


The APPRISE program is designed to counsel Medicare beneficiaries on their benefits and to help consumers make well-informed decisions. APPRISE counselors assist clients with questions and concerns about their Medicare benefits including prescription drug plans; Medicaid; Medicare Advantage Plans; and Medigap insurance, in an objective and easy-to-understand way. Counselors also screen beneficiaries for cost-saving program eligibility and assist with applications for the Low Income Subsidy (“Extra Help”) and the Medicare Savings Program.


APPRISE makes appropriate referrals to other agencies as necessary. APPRISE also offers beneficiary and professional education on Medicare and cost savings programs.


Our APPRISE Counselors can help you:

  • Understand your Medicare benefits by explaining what services are covered under Medicare Parts A and B and your Medicare Summary Notice
  • Understand your Medicare Prescription Drug  (Part D) benefit
  • Make informed choices about Medicare coverage options, Medigap policies and Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Understand Medicare eligibility and enrollment
  • Understand financial assistance programs that may be available to help pay for your Medicare premiums, deductible and co-pays, as well as your prescription drug needs (Extra Help and Medicare Savings Plan)
  • Understand and assist with the Medicare appeal process
  • Understand benefits under Long Term Care policies
  • By making presentations on Medicare to your group or organization








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